2 Hand Wash Refill Sachets (2 Sachet Equates to 600+ Pumps)

How It Works

STEP ONE: Grab a bottle with a foaming pump and add 300ml of warm water to it.

STEP TWO: Tip in the contents of one sachet, close and shake for 30 seconds.

STEP THREE: Your hand wash is ready to use!



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Product details

This Australian bush scents of bush berries + applewood hand wash Kit comes with 2 compostable hands wash powder sachets. 15g sachet equates to 300 pumps. All ingredients are locally sourced and made in Australia. You can compost this sachet by simply chucking it into (inside of the soil) in one of your home pot plants and it will be gone in a few months! We think that’s pretty awesome! Our recycled refillable bottles are made to last forever and are also fully recyclable. All of our products are proudly: Plant-based, Vegan, Cruelty Free, Palm oil Free and septic tank friendly. Check out our carbon positive journey here.